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She’s baaaaack!

Ok, so maybe I haven’t blogged lately. In…4 years or so. In that time I’ve:

-Switched to a new (amazing!) firm

-had a baby (who is now 2.5)

-Made some awesome new friends

-Taken on the defense of my best friend against an organization we were both members of, in Federal Court in the Western District of Washington.


You did what now?

Yeah. I did. On a contingency basis, even. Here is the link to our public page if you want to check it out: Jobie Truth

The summary is as follows: Heidi Yoast Pink, the brains behind Pink Power Printing (PPP), started her shop as, essentially, a hobby to bring affordable, fun designs to the Masonic Youth in the Washington State area. What started small has become her full time business.

The actions of JDI you will read about here have impacted that business and is putting Heidi’s entire livelihood at risk. For some reason, Job’s Daughters International has decided that showing your affiliation and pride in your organization is “trademark infringement.” JDI is now engaging in a very expensive and what will prove to be a lengthy lawsuit against PPP. Specifically, JDI is suing Heidi for making shirts that say “Miss [STATE] Job’s Daughter [YEAR]” and “Job’s Daughters Bethel No. [#], CITY, STATE”, which were all ordered by Miss Committees or Bethels, respectively.

Clearly, they have not done any due diligence or fact finding before jumping the proverbial gun right into expensive litigation that Heidi, MANY supporters within the order, and most importantly, Heidi’s attorney believe will NOT go favorably for Job’s Daughters International. The fun, one-of-a kind custom hoodies etc created by Pink Power Printing are like a unique name tag. They have personalized titles, offices, years etc. These are a way for members to show allegiance and excitement for their office & organization. These custom, one of a kind creations are not representative of a trademark, not official, clearly designated as not official, and are not created with any such intent. They are carefully crafted and NOT mass produced. PPP does not make a profit on these items.

JDI is alleging that the members of JDI are confused and do not know that PPP is not representing JDI or any company they have contracted with to provide items for their members. JDI alleges unfair competition, but how can that be when their official supplier WILL NOT make the custom items PPP does? JDI’s official supplier is a jeweler and although their 3rd party contractors offer basic bulk garment printing they do not offer specialty screen printing, mixed medium printing, customization, glitter printing, metallic printing, etc. (this is documented). Keep in mind, using 3rd party contractors always incurs a higher total cost, and potential loss quality control. Heidi and PPP must now answer this ridiculous litigation, at a very high cost. Litigation retainers are not cheap, and, if the case goes to trial, the cost could be astronomical. The case number for this case is: 2:16-cv-01573-RSL in the US District Court of Western Washington / Seattle.

So happy reading. As my blog frequently fixates on what I’m doing in my life, there is going to be a LOT of JDI on here. Welcome back!