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Pin-Up Parade in the Park – Disneyland – June 1, 2014

One of my best friends, Missy Firestone (you may know her as Technicolor Cutie) is an amazing hair stylist and Queen of All Things Vintage. As you all have probably figured out, I’m more of a 5.11 cargo pants and tank top kind of girl…but Missy helps me look good!

I have also always loved going vintage shopping with her – whether I find anything for me or not, I love going through our vintage / vintage reproduction shops down Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank to see what we can find. Such a blast!

So on June 1st, our very own Pin Up Girl Clothing orchestrated a “Pin-Up Parade” in Disneyland, and Missy invited me. Not wanting to be left out of the dress-up fun, and since it was PUG’s event, I decided to head on down to PUG and find myself something to wear. Doris and Tiffany were SO, SO helpful in helping me find something to wear to the event, and Missy assisted via text message fashion show.

In the end, we ended up with the Harley dress in yellow. Missy helped me out with accessories, and we prepared to meet up at Disneyland! Luckily I had some ballet flats (Patagonia – had to sneak some hiker trash in there somewhere!) that worked perfectly with the dress.

This was also going to be Missy’s daughter Scarlett’s first time at Disneyland – and she’s 2, so we were prepared to hang out and people watch, which can be a fun change from running around like crazy all day.

We met up right outside the gates, so that Missy could help me out with hair. She put my little white scarf in, somehow created a curl in my hair (I told you, I’m pretty sure, despite her insistence to the contrary, that Missy is a magician!), and we were off! Too fun.


We proceeded to walk around the park and hit a few of the meet-ups with the PUGs. Twice some random park-goers asked Missy to pose with them in a picture – AND ME TOO! It was so weird, because in my head I was sure I was in a t-shirt and jeans and couldn’t figure it out. Then I remembered I wasn’t! It was really fun and kind of awesome to have people actually see me, not just pass their eyes over me in an attempt not to take me out with their stroller.

All in all, it was a great day! Scarlett survived her first incredibly stimulating day at Disneyland…


…and I got to meet some very creative, fashionable ladies. If the event happens again, I’m sure I’ll return…with a circle skirt made by me, perhaps?

Here is the group:



I can’t dress that way every day, because I’m a corporate attorney for a large architecture/design firm, and that wouldn’t go over too well. But now I know I CAN do this on the weekends / for events and somewhat pull it off (with help, LOTS of help). I need to accumulate some accessories and figure out the hair/make-up part, but I think I can do it!



(I’ve seen some snarkiness about “weekenders” around the web – I have to say these ladies showed NONE of that attitude. Hey, if you’re lucky enough to be in a position where you can dress however you want at work, that is amazing and I applaud you for it! For those of us stuck in corporate-land…well, let us have our fun when we can!)