The III% (or “Threeper”) Movement

Some of you have seen my involvement with an organization called “West Coast Patriots III%.” “What the heck is a III%er?” you ask?

Legend has it that only three percent of the population of the Thirteen Colonies fought during the American Revolution (this number may not be precisely accurate, but stay with me – it’s apocryphal, ok?!). Today’s three percent movement has a mission derived from those original freedom fighters: to stand up wherever civil liberties are violated.

We are not “anti-government” – very much the opposite. We wholeheartedly endorse our founders’ vision that this Country be not only a representative democracy, but a constitutional one –our “constitutional republic.” And to that end, we are a non-partisan organization welcoming any member who identifies as left, right, or center who is interested in the preservation of our civil rights.

We are not racist, antiemetic, extreme, or “right wing.” We aren’t anti-immigration. We are CERTAINLY NOT “sovereign citizens.” We aren’t “paramilitary” or whatever the Southern Poverty Law Center would like us to be. We aren’t even partisan. You’ll see us on the front line criticizing ANY politician that deigns to infringe upon the civil liberties of individuals. We are made up of a diverse body of individuals.

III%ers DO, however, know the Constitution well, along with the Declaration of Independence and understand what it means. They listen. They study and learn. They keep up with current legal trends and court cases. THEY DEFEND THE RIGHTS OF THOSE WHOM THEY HAVE IDEOLOGICAL DISAGREEMENTS.

This is about freedom, friends. Unconstitutional laws and actions come from both sides of the political aisle. Let’s fight them together.

[Disclaimer: the III% movement, just like every other group, has members that do and say things we don’t agree with. We can’t control individuals – just like the Democrats, Republicans, left and right have individual members that occasionally go off the rails, we will too. But believe me, we’ll be disclaiming that nonsense from the rooftops when we see / hear of it!]

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