Equinox Training Camp – Day 1

Despite my best efforts, due to an illness and some crazy stress, I’ve let about 15 pounds pack on. “15 pounds, that’s not that much?” You might say. Well, yeah, it is…especially when you’re only 15 hands tall! (That’s 5′ for all you non-horsey people)

So recently I joined the Equinox gym right across the street from my office. It is an amazing facility, with towel service and Kiehl’s products in the bathrooms. It has really great spin instructors, which is saying something coming from me because I started spinning with Terry Walker at The Burn Studio in Burbank, California, and he is THE BEST spin instructor that exists. The best. The end.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got an email about an “Equinox Training Camp” (“ETC”) that Equinox puts on during the first of the year. Six weeks, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 6am-7am. Well, that’s my normal workout time anyway, so why not?

Today was the first day. We didn’t do a whole lot, other than measurements and a fitness test. I was able to do all of 21 pushups in 1 minute (normal push-ups, because why mess around?), which isn’t all that much. The checked our BMI on this fancy scale / electrical impedance thing, and according to the computer I’ve got a BMI of 28. Better than the BMI of 32 or whatever it was last year at this time, I guess, but it still puts me firmly into the “overweight” category. So the goal is to get that 28 under 25 in the next 6 weeks. Seems doable…maybe…

A few observations from this class. First, I had already noticed that everyone that goes to this gym is already thin and pretty. It is actually a little creepy, in a Stepford sort of way. The same was true with this class. With the exception of 1 or 2 people out of the 40, everyone already looked pretty thin and fit…so I don’t know if this is the fitness version of humblebragging or what! So we’ll see. Everyone seemed really friendly and supportive, so I guess it doesn’t matter what they look like as long as we do our thing together.

I won’t blog every day of this thing, because who wants to read “today we did Burpees! And pushups!” every day…but I will check in from time to time to let you know how it goes. Wish me luck!

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